My Twin Flame Story

Hello, I am Rebecca "Standing Bear" Baines. In 1992 I uncovered severe childhood trauma that had previously been blocked from my conscious awareness. My own journey to heal led me to train as a healer.I launched my work as a professional healer in 2011 and met my Twin Flame in 2013. Without realizing it, that meeting set me on a path of profound transformation and spiritual growth. It was unlike any other relationship I had ever experienced. Initially I felt a deep sense of coming home, but unlike any physical home I had ever known. I felt peace and a deep, abiding contentment every moment I was in his presence. The past and the future, the whole world disappeared when we were together. He expressed he felt the same. And then he ran, he went silent on me...

 ...and so it continued, with him coming back to me and then running again, over and over. Each time he came back he opened me up to a deeper part of myself and each time he left he ignited deep healing as layer after layer of wounds came up to be healed. I attacked my healing like a momma bear defending her young. I was ferocious. And as I healed deeper and deeper, a new world and a new me emerged. A love like none I had ever felt before transformed me. Eventually my mission called me in a way that I could not deny and so here I am now, with you.

Our Team

My training began with Theta Healing and I became an Advanced Theta Healing practitioner and then took all four levels of Awakening Dynamics. In my years in practice I received new techniques and processes from the Creator and developed my own individual style of helping my clients. I utilize my training, personal experiences, and most importantly, Divine Guidance in tailoring my work with each individual client. I am also influenced by my Native American heritage from Alaska which gives me a sense of the human as a whole being, existing in a connected and cohesive Universe. I have a deep faith that we can recover from anything, no matter what our current circumstances are or what we have been through. Complete transformation of your life is possible. I know this from my personal journey and from my work with my clients.