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  From Wounds to Wings


Your Own Happily Ever After

Achieve freedom, peace, joy and even forgiveness, by healing at your deepest levels so you can get back in touch with your true self and begin living your passionate mission in life!  

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Achieve Peace On Your Twin Flame Roller Coaster Ride

So you can live your own happily ever after

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From Pain & Confusion to Your Own Happily-Ever-After

The Twin Flame Journey can be one of enormous, pain, frustration, heartache and even despair. At times you want to give up but this is a connection that cannot be severed. It may seem at first that the separation from your Twin is the problem but it never is. The real solution will come when you shift your focus to yourself and your own healing and spiritual journey.

By doing your own inner work you will inevitably eventually reach a place of clarity, inner peace, joy and a life you truly love. This ultimately brings you into union with your Twin Flame, whether in the spiritual realms only or in both the spiritual and physical planes. Either way, you have moved beyond suffering and are now living your own unique happily-ever-after!



Your Guided Twin Flame Journey

Most Twin Flames initially scour the internet for answers, finding readers who give guidance but no real healing or healers who are not Twin Flames and therefore don't understand the unique dynamics and challenges of the Twin Flame Journey. But when you have a Twin Flame Guide who is also a healer you actually get clarity, deep transformational healing, happiness, emotional freedom and even the opportunity to be passionately living your mission in life.

Step 1 is Understanding what is this Twin Flame thing and how does it apply to me?

Step 2 is Digging in, excavating what has been triggered in you and bringing it to the light to be healed. This is where your deep wounds, patterns and issues will be resolved.

Step 3 is Advanced Healing, if you choose to go deeper. This will be your opportunity to release all old anger and resentments and find forgiveness for yourself and others. 

Step 4 is Being on Mission, finding your unique voice and gifts and then finding the courage to share it with the world. All Twins have a mission to assist with the evolution and ascension of humanity in some unique way and every one of us is needed.This Journey is a challenging one but ultimately it is deeply rewarding and fulfilling, offering us the greatest opportunity to attain the highest levels of evolution.

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Who is Your Twin Flame Guide?

Hello, I am Rebecca "Standing Bear" Baines. In 1992 I uncovered severe childhood trauma that had previously been blocked from my conscious awareness. My own journey to heal led me to train as a healer.I launched my work as a professional healer in 2011 and met my Twin Flame in 2013. Without realizing it, that meeting set me on a path of profound transformation and spiritual growth. It was unlike any other relationship I had ever experienced. Initially I felt a deep sense of coming home, but unlike any physical home I had ever known. I felt peace and a deep, abiding contentment every moment I was in his presence. The past and the future, the whole world disappeared when we were together. He expressed he felt the same. And then he ran, he went silent on me...

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Why Wait?

After years of experience as a professional healer helping people heal their trauma and relationship issues and with her personal experience "in the trenches" on her own Twin Flame journey, Rebecca is perfectly poised to help you create your own happily ever after!

Don't continue to struggle or suffer. To set up a time to have a brief chat and discuss the possibilities...

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